Teach English in Yachang XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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This is a topic of great importance to me because I have worked so closely with absolute beginners in the past. If these learners needed a lot of \"getting started\" help from someone who could speak German to help them in extreme cases, they worked with me. They would often want to be able to read articles, but almost everything was far beyond their abilities, thus undermining their confidence. Eventually, some very simplified versions of articles from the resource pool were made available and it made a huge difference. What I would love to see is a true fusion of reading and listening receptive skill development, similar to what is mentioned above. If not authentic audio like interviews, which would be far above beginner or elementary learners' level, it would also be effective to have simplified recorded or written sentences that one could then escalate with word-find and unscrambling activities. In a one on one lesson, the learners could then produce a short paragraph and read it out to their trainer, as there would not be any classmates. As the unit materials mentioned, choice of subject matter is key. With adult learners, there may be a struggle between what topics are really of interest to them versus what topics they have to learn to survive in their company, which is often requiring them to reach a certain level of English.