Teach English in YAchA Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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Speaking and writing is the 'production' part of a lesson. They are equally important though harder to implement writing into a lesson. With speaking output in particular, it is important to provide a variety of accuracy-based activities, to make sure they are getting it right, and fluency activities, where the focus is on the flow and coherence of their work more than being correct. Depending on the type of speaking activity there will be more or less language or content controlled by the teacher and more or less given to the student to control - this impacts whether it is an accuracy or fluency activity. When writing, give the students time to think about what they are going to say as for a lot of them, they are also forming newer shapes to what their fingers are trained to do, and they also have to think about punctuation and spelling. Penmanship is important but not as important as their grammar, spelling, and punctuation, which indicates their level of education and enthusiasm. Essentially, speaking and writing is about students learning to communicate well because they have something to say, something to listen to, or are interested in the topic. Introducing interesting, important, and fun topics and activities - including games! - will build both their ability to communicate but also interest them to learn more to communicate with.