Teach English in Silin Zhen - Baise Shi — Bose

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This lesson introduces the methods and techniques that can be used in a class room, such as CLT, silent way,grammar translation, CLL, Suggestopaedia etc., and explains strengths and weaknesses of each method. As an effective method for new and trainee teachers, Engage, Study,Activate method(ESA) has been introduced.How and what a teacher do and teach the students in each stage and how to get the best advantages applying this method in classroom and different techniques, sequences are explained with appropriate examples with activities that can be used for students. when a teacher is using these techniques , there are many to bear in mind in order to get the best use of these techniques. also described what a teacher should and should not do when using these methods. Feedback and corrections are also very important for teacher to get an idea what to improve in the next lesson and to know whether the lesson was successfully done and for students , their improvement and to make the mistake. this was a very useful lesson for me as I gained a very good knowledge how to teach the students in successful way using above methods and techniques. also I learned many games ,activities that can be used in class room and also got to know very important points that I should be careful and bear in my mind while teaching ,giving feedback and making corrections.