Teach English in ShAli XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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This Unit revolves around two demonstration classes for the same students and about the same lesson but with different methods. In the first class, the teacher frowns, shouts and tells the students off and for these and other reasons, he can not build an effective rapport with his learners because they look shy and unable to participate in the classroom and therefore, the teacher fails at the teaching learning process. However, Unlike the first class, the teacher in the second class looks cheerful, smiling and vibrant and is able to make a good rapport with the students. He introduces his lesson with an interesting engage phase about animals which makes the students attentive, and then moves on to the study phase in which he presents the form of the auxiliary verb in a sentence in addition to other examples he uses with animals and handed out a gap filling activity to check the students understanding of the target language. After that, he moves on to the activate phase in which he gives an example of his imaginary animal and asks the learners what it can and can not do and then asks them to create their own imaginary animals and do the same and thus the students participate passionately during all the stages of the lesson and the teacher seems to be successful at conveying the target language and having the learners become able to use it correctly.