Teach English in Ronghua XiAng - Baise Shi — Bose

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There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills-reading and listening, and productive skills-speaking and writing. All are equally important and whatever possible we should try to incorporate all of them into our lessons if we want to have a balanced approach. We can divide the reasons and motives for reading and listening. For the purpose, for the entertainment. But reading and listening are not only simply matters for the eyes and ears, but also a matter of using our minds to literally understand words and process them in our pre-existent knowledge to gain true understanding. Readers and listeners have a number of specialist skills, predictive skills, specific information-scanning, general idea ?skimming, Detailed information. The problem of teaching and learning of receptive skills are mainly in connection with the language contained in the text, the topic and the tasks the students will perform. The basic key to successful receptive skill lessons are: Choose material that interests/motivates the students. Build interests before reading/listening. Pre-teach complex vocabulary or structures if necessary, but don?t overdo it. Vary the type of material. Use the material to practice different skills. Use the realistic comprehension tasks that aid understanding. Incorporate activate phrase that naturally lead on from the text.