Middle East TEFL Jobs in the Middle East

It is no secret that the Middle Eastern region offers some of the best working conditions and highest salaries of any region in the world. Teachers who have a well recognised TEFL/TESOL certificate and a university degree have a very good chance of finding a job that pays as well as any on offer around the world.

The main reason for the large salaries in this region is the extreme amounts of wealth that many countries have gained through the oil industry. Unfortunately, while many of the countries in this region have become incredibly wealthy, many have also suffered from a bad reputation internationally. However, it is worth noting that some countries in the Middle East such as Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE are far more liberal than you might imagine.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia are still governed in a strict manner that does not suit everyone, although many teachers are still attracted to the country due to the high salaries, free accommodation, paid airfare and tax free status that many jobs offer. If you do choose to live and work in the Middle East region then you should certainly earn enough money to live very comfortably, as well as being able to save a considerable amount of you earnings.

Types of English Teaching Positions in the Middle East

The majority of teaching jobs in the Middle East are located in universities, although there has been a steady increase in demand for teachers in the private business sector and from English language schools in recent years. If you are employed by a university you will find that classes are segregated, with male teachers teaching only men and female teachers teaching only women. There is no particular peak time to look for work here so providing you have the required qualifications you should be able to find a teaching position at any time of the year.

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