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Overall it is a good introduction for me." This Unit has been very helpful for me. I have learned the important characteristics of a Teacher. Moreover, Teachers play a vital role in the class that in
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This lesson has been the most complicated for me to be understood. The structure of the contents is clear and not so difficult to read but the moment of having to decode the phonemes into words gets
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Unit 1,I learned about the qualities roles,and responsibilities of teachers and learners. Also I learned how to organize students' different language level, and to consider students' different cultur
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Haines Junction
This lesson described the various forms of present tenses which include the simple present, the present perfect, the present continuous and the present perfect continuous. The unit described the feat
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The importance of encouraging self regulated learning and not dominate the lesson. That motivation is to be practiced consistently. While correcting students this must be done without offending but ra
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This unit is about learning to be patient with the student's. Let the student's work on their own but be a manger. Keep the student's involved, praise them when they do a great job. Also making sure y
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Watson Lake
There are different ways to test students knowledge of English and different reasons. A placement test is given initially to determine the ability of a student. A diagnostic test is given to gauge a s
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Unit 7 is a short unit that covers the different Types of subject matter involved in teaching a new language: vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Though every lesson will be focusing on somet
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