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This unit talks about receptive and productive skills in language. Receptive skills are reading and listening, while productive skills are writing and speaking. This lesson talks about receptive skills. There are many factors which influence how students understand context in writing or speaking. These include predictive skills, scanning skills, and ability to skim, gather detailed information, and deduct meaning of unknown vocabulary from context. In deciding which texts to give students, teachers should keep in mind whether or not students are interested in the subject and they should keep in mind the level of the students. Authentic texts, or texts not written to cater to ESL students, are often much more difficult for beginners. Teachers should choose texts that focus on what students know, not what they don't know. In order to keep students' interests, teachers can pre-teach difficult vocabulary and structures and can lead into the text with a good 'engage' activity. Introducing more difficult texts can be useful if they are not overly difficult, if the teacher pre-teaches difficult and vital vocabulary, and if the students are encouraged to 'skim' or get the general idea, rather than focusing on all the vocab words they do not know. The unit contains sample activities and lessons which demonstrate how a teacher might go about forming a lesson plan around receptive skills.