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It is important to become familiar with different part of speech since it will be the basic foundation of a learner (as well as the teacher) in order to construct the language, or learn the grammar.There are 10 parts of speech that should be consider, and each part of speech has a certain functions within the sentence.Noun-can be names of people, animals, things, concept or ideas, qualities and states.Verb-can be an action words or state verb.Adjective-describe nouns. Adverb-use to describe verbs, you can describe verb in 4 different types such as manner,place,time and frequency.Preposition-shows a relationship between a noun/pronoun and the rest of the sentence.Pronoun-take the place of a noun.Infinitive-is the \"to\" followed by the base form of the verb.Gerund-a verb followed by \"ing\" but used as noun.Article-is used to refer to any or specific member of a group. Conjuction-linking or joining word, it join words or groups in a sentence.