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Course books, play a significant role in EFL teaching and learning by providing useful material to both teachers and students. However, heavy dependence on course books de-skills teachers and tires students. To avoid this careful selection, of course book and appropriate and flexible use are important. Also course books should never be regarded as the only source where teachers can draw material from. Teaching and learning processes should include a variety of materials, online sources and approaches.In training the teachers in evaluating, selecting, adapting and supplementing the course book, by designing their own materials, are significant and should be an ongoing process. Also teachers? collaboration and sharing of materials are essential. Moreover, students? contribution to the process of evaluating and design of material is also another factor that should also be considered for effective learning.As coursebooks are unlikely to fulfill all the particular demands of different teachers and learners, the wisest attitude for teachers of EFL might be to use cookbooks as one resource among many others to promote language learning. In this sense, such materials would be just a means to an end. Thus, the teacher would be free to change tasks and exercises; rephrase instructions; adapt the assignments in terms of their lengths of time, purpose and how they should be performed; deconstruct and reinterpret the texts along with the students.I understand that textbooks should not be static, or rejected. Instead, such useful materials – because they can be really useful – should be alterable to suit the learners’ and teachers’ needs and choices.