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This chapter covered parts of speech or grammar. This unit touched on the following topics: *Noun - person, place, thing, concept/idea *Verb - action verbs, state verbs, aux. (helping) verbs, regular and irregular, tenses, forms *Adjective - describes nouns, gives more information (ie. age, color, material) *Adverb - modify verbs 1.)manner 2.)place 3.)time 4.) frequency *Preposition - shows relationship b/t a noun/pronoun 1.)time 2.) place 3.)movement 4.)others *Pronoun - takes place of a noun 1.)personal 2.)reflective 3.)relative and possessives *Infinite / Gerund - 1.)Infinite (to +base verb) 2.)Gerund (verb +ing Noun, verb +gerund, prep. + gerund) *Articles - 1.)Infinite; a/an 2.)Definite; the 3.)Zero Article; general *Conjunction - linking/joining words (and, or, but) I feel this section helped deepen my understanding of English language. The review was simple and easy to understand with a good emphasis on points pertaining to particulars of the English language. Specifically how to use articles, such as a versus an.