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In this unit we discussed management of a classroom. There are multiple components of classroom management, including eye contact, gestures, the use of the teacher's voice, and classroom arrangement. The way that a classroom is arrange can create an atmosphere of learning or be a great detriment to the class as a whole. The arrangement of the classroom will depend on several factors, such as available space, types of chairs and tables, students' ages and personalities, nationality. Some forms of classroom arrangements are orderly rows, circles/horseshoes, and separate tables. A teacher should always position themselves so they don't interfere with learning but can observe all students. This unit also discussed discipline prevention and administration. There are many reasons a student might misbehave, such as low self-esteem, family problems, boredom, and lack of respect for the teacher. Some of these factors a teacher can help, such as the boredom. It is a bit more difficult to assist with problems with the family at home. A teacher can prevent disciplinary problems by carrying out several acts such as limiting time back is turned to students while writing on the board, being punctual, well-prepared, consistant and fair,