TESOL TEFL Reviews - Video Testimonial - Mohamed


Mohamed from Morocco is living in Germany and has completed an ITTT TEFL course. In his TEFL review Mohamed explains how despite already having several years experience as an English teacher in China, he still found that he benefited from the course many different ways.

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I find all these questions are very logical. The teacher should always be present but give some space to students, but not too much because the class can become a mess, specialy with young learners. A good teacher will try to monitor every students and always learn something new. A good teacher will encourage all the students to speak more the languageOn teaching Pronunciation and Phonology is the most important though most neglected aspect of English language teaching. The intonation, stress and the phoneme can change the whole message to be conveyed. I like, in particular, the detailed study of articulation and fun activities to teach individual sounds. Overall a very helpful and interesting unit.