In this ITTT testimonial video Natalie from Scotland describes her experience during her TESOL/TEFL course in Corinth, Greece. She talks about the valuable experience of teaching real students during the course. ITTT has successfully trained thousands of teachers of all ages from a wide variety of different backgrounds. ITTT's graduates are provided with free lifetime comprehensive job support services. We are committed to providing continual support to our graduates during their teaching careers.

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The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses,except that past tenses certainly relate to past periods.After reading and assimilating the more detailed information contained in this unit can be helpful for an ESL teacher to proceed with past tense.This unit gave a detailed reflection about the forms of past tense.Memorization of the irregular verbs is necessary in any language for the student to be successful for rendering the past tense of said irregular verbs. Almost every language contains these exceptions, and English is no different. Memorization is key and must be executed in order to successfully master the past tense of the irregular form of verbs.