TEFL 120-hour Course - Unit 10


Unit 10 provides students with the opportunity to see two real English language classes in progress one effective and one not so effective. During this unit you will analyze the two lessons and gain an understanding of how your attitude as a teacher and the way you interact with your students affects their ability and motivation to learn.

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This unit examines the use of course books to aid teaching. Though, schools normally provide books and materials that could be needed, but the teacher has to create his/her own materials to complement the course book, or replace unsuitable sections to sooth the class level. They are broadly divided into two groups: Authentic and created materials.In this unit we examined the form, usages, typical student errors and activating stage teaching ideas in regard to the present tenses. These tenses included past, present and future in their four forms. These forms were simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. I found this unit difficult as I do most of these conjugations instinctively.