Teaching Special Groups in ESL - Teaching Individuals (One-to-One)


The next category we are looking at in our series on teaching special groups in ESL are individuals. Teaching individuals, or one-to-one, forms a large part of the ESL market. Find out the positives, negatives and tips in this video.

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I leaned many techniques that I can use in classroom even though I have already knew a lot of things though. However, it was great to know the names of the theories and techniques and game ideas.I am going to share the information I leaned to other teachers next week. I will use and improve more so that students can improve their English .To conduct an evaluation for the students we will know what level of English they have. It will help the teacher to understand better what are the strength and weakness that needs to be focus.By conducting the evaluation the teacher can provide extra materials that the students may need to help them to understand the lesson in an easier way.