Modals and Passive Voice - How To Teach Modal Auxiliary Verbs


There are two main ways of approaching teaching modal auxiliary verbs. One is by selecting one modal auxiliary and one usage and focusing on that in that particular context. Another way, especially when teaching higher levels, is to choose a context, such as advice, and then use each of the most appropriate modal auxiliary verbs in a different way.

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this unit was about common problem situations that could happen in the class so how we can deal with them. there are different methods or techniques we can use to avoid that common problems over again.i liked that how a teachers teaching method can be effective for students so a teacher should have a comfortable atmosphere in the class room.In unit 12 I discovered how to teach productive skills. It’s important to motivate students to speak and write because it helps to develop language skills faster, but this is the exact thing which usually students afraid to do. This unit describes clearly how to encourage students to interact more and also how to develop writing skills.