Pronunciation and Phonology in the EFL Classroom - International Phonetic Alphabet


A better way to go about imparting how to make sounds or what sounds are utilized in a word, is this international phonemic alphabet. Now we have as mentioned one symbol being used in all the words which share that same sound. Now once we get a little bit more familiar with our phonemic alphabet we can also show how different our different sounds can be as in this symbol for ?ooh?, this symbol for ?ow? and this symbol for ?uh?.

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This unit was very difficult for me,as the vocubulary was very scientefic and hard specially the part concerning the places of articuilation.But the reading all in all had a lot of useful information like the techniques that can be used to explain how the stress on words can be used(choral work,contastive stress,gestures and using the board).Personally, this is a lesson of difficult understanding. I still do not understand much what structures refer to or at what time I should plan it. There are many things that I still have in doubt and I hope that at some point in the course they enlighten me. I must admit that if my goal is to teach English I should have these issues present.