Modals and Passive Voice - Passive Voice Usages


There are certain instances where we tend to use the passive voice instead of the active voice. This is true when the agent is unknown or unimportant. We also use the passive voice to change focus or to conceal the agent. Find out more about this topic in this video.

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This unit has shown me the many different techniques of teaching language and given me ideas as to what would work best for different students and why. The most interesting part of this unit for me was learning about when and what to correct; I know from my own experiences that this is a very delicate and essential part of learning anything.In this unit I have learnt about how teachers can conduct different types of lessons. Also by viewing the first video I witnessed the result of having a teacher try to introduce concept which is to challenging for the class. By viewing one bad lesson and one good lesson I could work out techniques work and do not work when teaching a class.