Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Simple Usages


The two most common usages for the present simple tense are habits and routines, as well as general facts and truths. Our example of routine would be 'I teach every Monday.' We've used our subject 'I', our base form 'teach' and 'every Monday' speaking about the routine that I have. We also have our general facts 'The sun rises in the east.' Here, 'the sun' would follow under the pronoun 'it' so we've had to conjugate our verb per our pattern and finish our sentence. We could also talk about general truths such as likes or dislikes. 'I like football,' or 'He likes football.' Of course, there are other usages but these are the two most common.

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Unit 13 is base on teaching Pronunciation and Phonetic.This unit can help the teacher and students to Pronunce words correctly.This unit can also better the teacher's transcription of words.This is very good in teaching English as a second language to speakers of other languages.Students learn how to Pronunce words easily through transcription.Reviewing this section was a rude awakening for me. Regarding parts of speech I was reminded why I speak the way I do. I never gave it a second thought as to why I used a certain word, it just came out naturally (or so to say). Being reminded of all the rule and reasons was an \"ah ha!\" moment. Thanks you you I realized just how much I forgot.