The Future Tenses - Review of the Future Tenses - Additional Tenses in the Future


Besides the four future tenses in English (future simple, future continuous, future perfect and the future perfect continuous) there are three additional tenses we can use when speaking about the future. These include the 'going to' future, the present continuous and the present simple. This video gives you an overview how to use them for future statements.

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This unit has helped me understand how to teach the present tense, from the forms and rules to the usage of under what circumstances the tense and grammar point is used. I have also learnt what errors I can expect from my students along with some ideas that will help them learn. I feel that the example sentences really helped me on this unit.This unit dealt with finding jobs in the teaching field and included various resources, a basic lesson on writing resumes and CVs with a useful sample, outlined general rules to follow when teaching in a new country, and included various resources to utilize to discover much about a country from the teachers that are there or have been there.