The Future Tenses - Other Future Forms - Present Simple & Present Continuous


Besides the actual future tenses, we can also use present tenses to talk about the future. Two of them are the present simple and the present continuous. Find out when to use which tense for future statements in this video.

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Very informative unit. I have always had trouble with reported speech and conditionals, but this unit explained it very nicely and organized. I understand more now about this topic thanks to this unit. Also, it gave some great ideas about how to teach conditionals to students and it showed some great activities for them to do. Very nice Unit.The unit is interesting, because focuses on the problems which could happen in the classoom with the students. We were also given the different activities for the first lesson without the course book, warmers for the lesson, what should we do with the large classes, what kinds of activity. What difficulties we can meet on our way of teaching.