The Future Tenses - Lesson on Future Tenses in the EFL Classroom


Here are helpful tips how to identify the various future tenses in the English language and complete worksheets successfully. The video also helps you to structure an effective lesson around the future tenses in an EFL classroom around the world.

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I learned quite a bit in this unit, most of it was simple and easy to understand, however the phrasal verbs got me stuck a bit, i checked other sources and books but I find it quite hard to fully grasp, I do understand them and how they work but not really how exactly to differentiate one type from the other, but otherwise it was a good unit.This unit went over how the teaching formats discussed in previous units can be applied to different lessons depending on if you are teaching grammar, vocabulary, or functions. It also talked about the specific things that have to be touched on when teaching new vocabulary or grammar. There were also more examples of ways to do the ESA steps.