The Future Tenses - 'Going To' Future - Structure and Usages


The 'going to' future tense is used to indicate future plans with intentions and predictions based on evidence. It is a very common future tense used in both spoken and written English.

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In this lesson of teaching a receptive skills, explained about the reason for reading and listening, how and why people reand and listen, understanding the languages or vocabulary, how teacher create topic and task for the learner by using the ESA. Many factor of reading such as scanning, skimming, detail reading, and deduction from context.I found a lot of helpful tips for teaching the present perfect simple tense and the modal verbs \"may\" and \"might.\" I find that the present perfect simple tense to be one of the biggest struggles for expressing experiences for many of my learners because of the concept of indefinite time in the past. I will surely give the tips here a try.