English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Worksheet


Here are some tips on completing your parts of speech worksheet. When providing examples for each part of speech, five one-word answers will suffice for almost all of them. However, we'll need to clarify this for the gerunds. This is basically due to the fact that what you've written can either be used as the main verb in a sentence, that would be the present participle, or can be used as the gerund. For example the word "playing" wouldn't be enough, as it can be used both as the verb or the gerund. So, an example sentence such as "I like playing poker." would suffice rather than simply the word "playing".

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After this unit of study, I learned as a good English teacher, it is vital to let my students know not only the meaning and the usage of a vocabulary word, but also the correct pronunciation of it. There are words in their native language that have similar pronunciation as English, but still the pronunciation is slightly different from English.This unit provided insight on classroom seating arrangements, weighted some pros and cons of group, peer, and individual activities, and teacher conduct ranging from presentation, to disciplinary actions. This unit offered sound advice on a range of topics that would make it appropriate to review every so often when designing class activities.