Modals and Passive Voice - Difficulties for Students


This video looks at the difficulties students have when learning modal auxiliary verbs. The number of usages and the modal auxiliary verbs that can be used for various usages often bring about problems for the students. Also, the structure of sentences with modal auxiliary verbs can be confusing. Watch this video to understand all the difficulties students face with modal auxiliary verbs.

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This was an important lesson on speaking, writing, and games. Both speaking and writing are used in the same way, to communicate. Writing can be neglected as teaching do not want to have too many hours of 'quiet time'. Most students do prefer speaking to writing, and should not be disregarded. A balance needs to be found between both skills.Productive skills is something that I personally find difficult to both learn and teach. Being that I find difficulty with this topic I will definitely focus more on this in order to better teach it to potential students. Like teaching receptive skills it is very important in order for students to become proficient in the English language.