How to Pronounce 'WHODUNIT'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word whodunit. This word describes a mystery or detective story that can either be a movie, a book, a play or anything to that extend. It is basically a short form of the words Who has done it?, meaning who is the criminal / murder in the story.

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Unit 7 deals with teaching new Languages. Grammar togheter with Language and vocabulary are the basis of a Language to learn and they are equally important for students who want to be alble to speak a foreign Language. Teachers can use a ESA method to teach a new Language, choosing between straight Arrow, boomerang or patchwork ESA structures.In Unit 6 I have reviewed the system and structure of 4 past tenses. There is an explanation about differences and similarities between these tenses. There were some samples activate stage teaching ideas that might help a teacher to explain this grammar material. In this unit there is also an explanation about common mistakes made by students.