How to Pronounce 'THANATOLOGY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "thanatology". This word refers to the description or study of death and of the psychological mechanisms for coping with the phenomena of death. The word derived from Greek mythology where Thanatos was the personification of death.

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I have learned about the difference between the regular and irregular verbs. It was easy to recognize which type of past tense the sentences were once you know the combination of words, for example the past continuous tense is the subject + was/were + verb+ing. I find the task sheets at the end of unit very helpful and could definitely use them.Like previous Units, this unit reminds me yet again, that I do take the English language for granted. Nothing in this unit was new to me, yet everything felt new! That's because I speak and write the language, but had not given much thought to structure! I found this unit to be quite interesting and I can see its purpose in a classroom setting