How to Pronounce 'TENET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word tenet. This word refers mainly to princibles of a religion or philosophy. Some synonyms for tenet can include principle, belief or doctrine. The word comes from the Latin word tenere meaning ‘he holds’.

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In Unit 9, one of the easiest I have come across so far to grasp without struggle. I have made extra copies of the sample lesson plan to practice and improve my skills or find my own way of doing a plan. The task material provided gave a wonderful insight on what might or can be used during class as activities or material to help the learners.This unit ephasizes on teacher's competence and learner's responsibilities in the classroom that ensures effective and efficient ''teacher - student'' relationship. As a teacher, Ä° have learned to do each of these in the unit lesson; 1. Context presentation 2. Classroom engaging activities 3. Thoughtful questions 4. Student evaluation