How to Pronounce 'PROPENSITY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word propensity. This word is a noun and refers to a natural tendency to behave in a particular way. Synonyms for propensity include tendency, inclination or proneness. The word comes from Latin 'propensus' meaning ‘inclined'.

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This is a very creative unit and helped me a lot with developing games for my students. It provided excellent ideas to engage with students on different levels and to teach the required content in a creative and engaging way. It also provide opportunity for the students to participate in a friendly environment through games, songs and stories.This lesson covered the roles of the teacher and the roles of the students. A teacher must take on many different roles. The lesson also covered the advantages and disadvantages of teaching adults and children. Finally, the lesson reviewed the different teaching techniques used in teaching English focusing on the Engage, Study, Activate model.