How to Pronounce 'PETULANT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word petulant. This word refers to someone being rude in speech or behavior. Synonyms for the word petulant include grumpy, snarky or tempered. The word comes from the Latin petulant meaning to go to and attack.

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I know some knowledge of evaluating and testing students’ language skills in this unit. Within it I see many different types of tests that can be used. Test is not a tool to judge students, it can help us know the level of students, how they accept the lessons and their weak part. After testing, teacher can have a future plan to students.Good day, I didn't really care for this expository reading; I struggle to make connections with it and the example lesson plan seemed cluttered or at least from my perspective. I found it hard to follow, and the questions about the two plans were too vague; perhaps, not enough information is given - assumptions had to be made. Thanks again!