How to Pronounce 'MIRAGE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word mirage. This word refers to an optical illusion such as the appearance of water in a desert. This word comes from the French 'se mirer' meaning ‘be reflected'.

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Unit 6 covered The BE World which includes Business Etiquette, Finding Employment, C.V./Resume, Examinations/Courses for Teachers, Associations and Organisations and Supplements. One of the most valuable topics for me in this course is the list of the questions I should ask during a job interview and the sample of the C.V. and the cover email.I have to say my least favourite unit. I didnt even study all the way through due to intense boredom and uninterested emotions I felt. I will have to find some other way of learning this as i just couldnt catch a hold of what i was reading especially when it came to articulation. Reminded me of a speech and language studies. Very uninterested.