How to Pronounce "METICULOUS" - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word meticulous. This word refers to the action of showing great attention to detail, as well as being very careful or precise. Some synonyms for meticulous include careful, diligent and conscientious. The word comes from the Latin meticulosus meaning fearful.

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I think the questions caused me to think. One has to think carefully before choosing the correct answer. Sometimes, if not careful, one can choose the incorrect answer which is very similar to the right answer. I found this lesson very interesting but the questions a little confusing. I believe I have to read the class a little more carefulThere are four future tenses in English but there are also other ways to talk about the future without using future tenses (be going + infinitive, present tense, present continuous). Going + infinitive is often used to express the future, and because it can be confused with present tense, it could be wise to teach both tense at the same time.