How to Pronounce 'LIBERTINE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "libertine". This word is a noun and either refers to a freethinker in religious matters or someone who disregards morals and leads a dissolute life. The word comes from the Latin word libertus, which referred to a slave who become a free man.

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From this unit I have been able to remember some types of word that I had already forgotten why I was using them that way. I feel it is really good to go back to basic for then being able to teach futher grammar contents. To be honest this part of the grammar has always been very easy to understand and therefore to explain to all my students.Like all the previous grammar units, this 18th unit of the course provided a wealth of information about the respective topics which could certainly be used to further simplify the explanation of these topics and offer more relevant examples. The information given in this unit has also offered me new angles from which to look at these topics.