How to Pronounce 'LAMPOON'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word lampoon. This word can be used as a verb and as a noun. Used as a verb, it describes the action of criticizing a person or a topic by using ridicule. The noun lampoon refers to the actual speech or text used to critize someone or something. The word was taken from the French word lampon.

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Unit 2 has great examples of grammar and its uses in speech. It was a really good review even for myself, which I was born in an English speaking country. It's always good to review and practice the correct ways to use grammar. Its quite important as well if you are to teach the English language to people whose first language isn't English.This section shows numerous ways to use Conditional and reported speech , which can create difficulties to students if was not explained or showed in a way that they can understand the rules and how to construct words and sentences ,and how to analyze this in the correct way . Grammar is a very important section which requires understanding!