How to Pronounce 'INCULCATE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "inculcate". This word is a verb and describes the act of teaching something through frequent repetitions. The word can be traced back to the Latin "inculcare", meaning "to tread on."

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This was also one of the harder ones for me. Itwas hard learning how to translate the words that I knew into the phonetics of the word. The way in which it is taught makes me really think about the way that sounds are made and how we should go about making sounds. It was really interesting to see how all of the different sounds made up words.With this I will be able to engage my students in an activity with them participating together in groups. this also will allow them to practice speaking there English as well. the \"Have you ever\" part as the Lesson plan I really like as it will involve the students in the actual making of the activity,. Which will make it more fun for them.