How to Pronounce 'HIDEBOUND'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word hidebound. This word refers to an unwillingness to change because of a tradition. Some synonyms for hidebound include conservative, conventional and reactionary.

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The various means of assessing students' langauge ability, including testing, are introduced in this unit. There are different kinds of tests applicable to students based on the stage they are at in the course and the purpose of the learners. Teachers need to be aware of these tests and avail themselves of the qppropriate ones when called for.This unit provides a set of very practical and comprehensive tips to target some common problems in the ESF/EFL classroom. I think it's great to be used as a reference set of tips for experienced teachers; and for new teachers it can work as their teaching manual. I think this course has been a great experience and definitely very enjoyable.