How to Pronounce 'GOLEM' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word golem. This word is a noun and refers to a figure brought to life by magic in a Jewish legend. The word comes from Hebrew g?lem meaining ‘shapeless mass'.

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i have learned the kind of good and bad teacher and know more about the level of learner that its help me a lot many things to know what is different in their ages how to deal with it and I know now how to motivate people to learn and intend in the class and needs to make a relationship between teacher and learner that is very important issuethis unit has helped me to understand the different problems that can arise in a classroom and how to solve these problems the best way to ensure effective learning.being able to identify a problem and solve it is an important tool to being a good teacher. this way every student can benefit from your class no matter their different challenges.