How to Pronounce 'ELOQUENT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word eloquent. This word means a person who is fluent and also persuasive in both speaking or writing. It can also refer to the action of clearly indication or expressing something. The word comes from Latin eloqui meaning to speak out.

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This unit is based on teaching speaking and writing to English language learners. Both skills are equally important; neither one is superior to the other. These skill are important in language learning because they allow the student to communicate for some type for purpose. Both speaking and writing involved engage, study, and activate phases.I think this unit is mainly to help teachers better their lesson in teaching english as a foreign language to others.It also talks about getting to know your students and also students can easily tell what kind of teacher they have.Its talks about what a teacher should do and what not to do.And also how to get students interested in the class.