How to Pronounce 'CHOIR' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word choir. This word is used as a noun and describes a group of singers, often part of church services, that perform in public. Synonyms for choir often include singers or chorus. The word originates from the Latin word chorus.

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In the first unit i have learned that the age range between 5 years and 13 years, there are great changes taking place in our learners minds and we need to address these changes in our subsequent units. Particular and we also need to keep in mind that learning theories talk about learning in general and not necessarily L1 language acquisition.Most of what I say is in the past tense, and because of this, I think this particular unit came a little bit easier to me than the last few. When telling stories we talk about what has happened in the past. It would be fun to incorporate the activity that telling stories is past tense. That may be an easier way for people to learn the tenses.