How to Pronounce 'CATEGORICAL' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word categorical. This word is used as an adjective and means explicit and direct. It comes from the Greek word kat?goria meaning ‘statement’.

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I learned a lot of creative ways to teach young learners in this lesson. I am going to write down the 20 games I loved as a young child/pre-teen and see how they may be incorporated into a future teaching lesson. I learned that I must keep in mind the ages of the students in order to choose the best teaching theme when creating my lesson plan.I hope that I learned the material properly. I can see where this may get confusing for an ESL student. There are a lot of rules for the different tenses in the English language, in addition to all of the exceptions as well. I acknowledge that I have probably taken for granted knowing the rules and exceptions being a native English speaker.