How to Pronounce 'CAPTIOUS'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word captious. This word describes a person who likes to point out flaws and errors and enjoys raising objections to other people's statements or opinions. Common synonyms for captious can be critical, faultfinding, and judgmental.

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It was eye opening to see the many ways which english speakers express future plans, predictions and desires. If someone had asked me how to express future plans, I would usually refer to the future simple with 'will'. Now I feel that I have many more options at my disposal (which I always did but never realized that I express in so many ways)This unit helped me to create past tenses system, realize to which tenses I should pay more attention. Has noted some good teaching ideas for games for an activate stage of learning. I started to think how to combine teaching ideas for one tense with others to improve a lesson dedicated to past tenses. Also I took notes about usages of tenses.