How to Pronounce 'CAPARISON' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word caparison. This word refers to decking something out in rich decorative coverings, usually used for horses. This word found its way into the English language through the French word caparasson who took it from the Spanish caparazón meaining ‘saddlecloth'.

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I think that this lesson was comparatively easier than the other lessons about verb tenses. With that being said, I think that future tenses will be the easiest to teach. However, as mentioned in the previous lessons, and in order to not confuse myself and thus my students. it would be useful to have a reference chart with all the verb tenses.The first conditional describes a particular situation, whereas the zero conditional describes what happens in general. The first conditional describes things that I think are likely to happen in the future, whereas the second conditional talks about things that I don't think will really happen. It's subjective; it depends on my point of view.