How to Pronounce 'CANOODLE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word canoodle. This word is used as a verb and describes the action of kissing and cuddling amorously. The origin of the word is widely unknown.

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As a student I was able to use many of my personal experiences to relate to the content in this unit and to answer the test using common sense thought process. As I went through this unit I was able to remember personal real situations in which teachers used some of those methods on me; I remembered the ones that worked and did not work on me.I enjoyed learning about the various types of materials that can be used to prepare for and use in teaching a business English course. The course material gave a lot of insightful information and resources that I think will be helpful to use. For example, on p. 13 there's a web materials webliography which has several links to useful websites.