How to Pronounce 'BOWDLERIZE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word bowdlerize. This word is used to refer to the act of removing improper or offensive material in order to make it weaker or less effective. Some synonyms for bowdlerize include censor, expurgate or edit.

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This unit gave a brief, general overview of what teaching specific groups could look like. It gave a taste of what I could expect in any of these types of classrooms, as a teacher and as a student, and how to combat common issues that could arise. This was helpful at giving me an idea of what kinds of students I would prefer to teach, and why.Review of grammar modal verbs, the uses of them in different situations, such as request, permission, formal and informal speech, and degree of uncertainty. Passive voice, its grammar and its usage. Also it covers the phrasal verbs and types of phrasal verbs (type 1 - intransitive; type 2- transitive separable; type 3 - transitive inseparable)