How to Pronounce 'BELLWETHER' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "bellwether". This word is a noun and describes someone who takes the lead and sets trends. A long time ago, shepherds hung a bell around the neck of one sheep of its flock designating it the leader. Therefore, bellwether is a combination of the words "bell" and "wether", a male sheep that has been castrated.

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I feel more confidence in Future Tenses in comparison with Past Tenses, where I've made 4 mistakes. I hope, that I absorbed all information correctly and after checking my result will be much better than result of Unit6. I find Future Tenses are interesting, because they use as future form as Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses too.I always thought that TOEFL was part of Cambridge testing. Apparently not. Assessing a student`s language level is very important to ensure that they go into the proper class. I have only worked at a language school for two years, so my experience in testing students is pretty low. I have primarily taught at public institutions for English.