How to Pronounce 'BELATED' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "belated". This word refers to something that happened later than it should have. A common use of the word is in the following phrase "Happy belated birthday," used by people who wish someone a happy birthday after the actual birthday. Synonyms for belated include late and overdue.

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This unit went over the complexities surrounding course material selection. There are many factors which determine what a teacher uses to teach a language such as the teachers preference, the students interest level, the topic relevancy, and many more. This unit goes lays out the pros and cons of created materials as well as authentic materials.Very informative unit with extremely useful information that was well organized and easy to comprehend. The clear explanations for each type of test, how to design them, when and how to use them, will come in handy in preparing the future tests for my classes. Examples and task sheets were also more than welcomed in preparing for this unit test.