How to Pronounce 'ARMADA' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word armada. This word refers to a large fleet of warships. The word has been in use ever since the Spanish naval forces lost against England in 1588.

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This unit was looking simple from the beginning but it turns out very tricky. I liked it though but am not sure the result. However it was a good unit talking about the use of course book and additional materials. Me personally, I never rely on course book. Just use materials that is suitable for the students and makes your classs interesting.This was a great unit for reflection about the times in the English language. They are very confusing, and even for me to explain it would be very difficult. I use it because it comes natural but to explain to somebody why is very difficult. This unit explained the usages of the times very well, and I will have a good foundation to teach them.