How to Pronounce 'ACUMEN'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word acumen. This word refers to a person's ability to make good decisions in a particular field. Suitable synonyms for acumen are shrewdness, sharpness, or cleverness. The word is of Latin origin from acuere (to sharpen).

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I was happy to refresh my knowledge in English grammar. I was amazed to see a well-structered system. It`s great to show the table with modal verbs. It looks great! All the moodal verbs are divided into all their forms and places. I`ll print this page for futher grammar explanations. The information about phrasal verbs is very supoorting, too.This unit definitely has broadened my understanding of future tense. Obviously, it has cleared the definition, systemized cases of usage, so now I will not be confused anymore. I like the way authors suggest using songs while teaching particular tense. It will help both students and teachers to liven up lessons and make them more fascinating.