Elbow Room - English Idioms


The idiom "elbow room" refers to having enough room to move in or having the ability to act freely, for example: The concert was so crowded that there was hardly any elbow room at all. This means, there were so many people at the concert that you could barely move.

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The last question seemed almost like a trick question. In the study lesson the answer technically said to avoid the listening skill and try others, in my opinion, prepping the vocabulary first and making sure the volume is up loud enough would be the best answer. The question seemed like it was telling me to revisit the receptive skills unit.This was a short but a very interesting unit. This unit was about coursebooks and lesson materials. I learned about authentic materials and created materials. I also learned about course books and the advantages and the disadvantages of using course books. I also learned about analyzing a course book. Overall this was a very informative unit.